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Pressure washing and soft washing are great ways to return the curb appeal to your home. We specialize in removing mold, mildew, and dirt from your property. From your quaint small home to your large commercial projects. Florida Pressure Kings can provide the best results at more than fair prices and our services include the following:

House Washing (Soft Washing)

Soft washing is a cleaning method using low pressure and specialized solutions to safely remove mildew, bacteria, algae and other organic stains from building exteriors.


Low Pressure Roof Cleaning

Just like our soft washing of homes, the same method is often used when cleaning roofs. It is the most professional and safest way to clean your roof and is the only acceptable way recommended by all major roof manufacturers.


Concrete Cleaning

Our goal isn’t to remove some of your buildup and discoloration… We seek to remove all of it. To achieve this, Florida Pressure King’s uses a pressure washing system that has the power to eliminate everything from dirt to oil stains.

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The Benefits Of Professional Pressure Washing Services in Oviedo

If your home is in need of a power washing, you might be considering whether you should hire a professional power washing company. While you may feel as though you could do the job yourself, you might be overlooking the major advantages of hiring a professional for your pressure washing in Oviedo, Fl project and you may want to consider these reasons to let the professionals handle the hard work:

Use of the latest equipment. Contrary to what you may believe, pressure washing in Oviedo requires more than a hose and a water source. A professional pressure washing company has the most modern, advanced equipment available on the market today. They will also use the highest quality cleaning products available to clean your home and exterior services safely and efficiently.

Avoiding damage. As with most major home maintenance projects, the biggest risk of damage or injury stems from inexperience. Professional power washing equipment is powerful and, if used without the proper knowledge and experience to safely operate it, could cause injury to you or damage to your home.

Minimized environmental impact. The professionals have access to eco-friendly, professional-grade cleansers that will thoroughly clean your home and eliminate contaminants without causing damage to the environment.

Saved time.  Professional power washing teams are certified and trained to complete pressure washing jobs efficiently and thoroughly. Most of the time it would take the time that far exceeds the time that it would take a professional team to get the job done.

No hassle. You may have never power washed your home before, you may not realize the many tools and equipment needed to complete the job. Our professional team comes to your home with everything needed to perform the service, saving you a major hassle of renting or purchasing equipment, cleansers and safety gear.

Why Choose Florida Pressure Kings?

When you Choose The Kings of Pressure Washing you’re getting the best service that can be offered in the Oviedo area.

Founded by active local Law Enforcement Officers, our company takes pride in our work. We have the highest standard with attention to detail being our strongest quality. We may not drive the brand new lifted diesel trucks but we still use professional equipment, what we save in our expenses we pass on to our clients in savings.

We only use the highest quality detergents to make sure the project is completed to the highest standard.

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